About Hands-Free Door Openers

Our Surroundings

A new awareness of our surroundings, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the surfaces we touch has now permeated every facet of our daily lives. Our routines have changed, some irrevocably, others altered in ways that we did not even fathom a short while back.

A Different World

In this new, different, unsettling world, we are all concerned with how our behavior can affect our health and well being. We’ve all become accustomed to new habits such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and taking wipes to clean surfaces prior to touching them.

The Door Handle

Of all the surfaces we come into contact with throughout our daily activities, the door handle stands out. Used extensively throughout the day by everyone, it is one of the most unsanitary, bacteria prone surfaces present everywhere. Its basic function, opening and closing the door, is reliant on a proven technology that has provided us with a reliable way to enter and exit but was never designed to address its main weakness: it is a fertile ground for unwanted germs. With these hands which we use to open doors, we touch our faces (more than 8 times an hour on average), surfaces, and other people throughout the day. Of all the precautions we can take, it is time to reconsider how we open a door, bypassing the use of our hands.

A New Approach

This is where the MYT Wares hands-free door opener comes in. Designed specifically to address one of the most pressing concerns, it enables anyone to open a door with ease and without hand contact.

Benefits of the Hands-Free Door Opener


Our hands-free door opener works with practically every type of door handle. Their range covers the gamut of the door to center handle spacing common in most door handles available today. They are no adjustments needed. They are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use in office buildings, institutions, and manufacturing facilities. They can be mounted on any surface with either the extra strength double-sided tape or the mounting screws which are both provided with the units. There is no assembly required.

Nominal investment. Significant cost savings.

Our hands-free door opener saves time, money, and minimizes waste as well. Sanitizing wipes and sprays are no longer needed to clean the door handle before being used. In high traffic areas, the savings are substantial and offset the initial investment within days. Our door handle opener can be ordered in either push or pull motion or both. Our hands-free door openers are designed to last. They are subjected to extensive testing and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

No Assembly Required

Our hands-free door opener comes fully assembled with all the necessary hardware included. An armrest facing up aligns with the white half ball near the center of the door handle, barely touching the surface. We recommend mounting our hands-free door opener straight up but it can also be mounted at a 45-degree angle. Once secured to the door surface, there is no adjustment needed. The unit will be ready for use.

How Does it Work

Works with Existing Door Handles

Our hands-free door opener is a mechanical device that does not require a new door handle and allows anyone to open a door by simply using their forearm to open.


Intuitive and easy to use, it works by simply activating a lever interface, the heart of our hands-free door opener. The interface, which does not require power or batteries, is designed around a vertical shaft that slides seamlessly into the main body affixed to the door above the door handle. The shaft slides through self-lubricating bushings that eliminate the need for any maintenance or lubrication. The tight tolerances between the shaft and the bushings repel any dust or particles, ensuring a smooth, reliable, and even motion every time. A spring, mounted around the shaft, allows for the armrest to lift back up automatically into door handle activation mode.


Our hands-free door openers do not make noise. A circular felt bushing is positioned between the half ball and the bottom of the main body. A guiding shaft located directly behind the main shaft is designed to enable a controlled rotational swing to allow the armrest to swing along with one’s arm motion as they open the door. All the surfaces are extremely smooth. All the edges are chamfered for added user comfort. It can be installed on both sides to satisfy a hands-free door opening with the same push or pull door mechanism. In pull mode activation, the hands-free door opener armrest profile faces the door. In push mode, it faces outward.