Who We Are

We are an independent engineering and manufacturing company based in New York City. For more than a decade, our company, MYT Works, has been involved in the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of camera support systems for the Film Industry. We have our own machine shop which serves as our engineering and assembly space.

We also have a commercial space where we rent offices to small companies like ours. It is a bustling floor with significant foot traffic and extensive use of door handles. For months now, we’ve seen how our tenants have struggled to avoid touching the door handles: using wipes, trying to use their elbows, and many other ways to avoid touching the door handles.

Frustrated by our inability to find a simple, affordable, and easy to install hardware that would address this recurring issue, we decided that it was time to invent, design, engineer, and manufacture what has become our hands-free door opener. This endeavor also prompted the adoption of our trademark.